Busty Sports Bra Guide

Last year I brought you guys a list of my top performing, lady lifting bras for us busty girls. Not to toot my own horn, but it was a hit! I was blessed with a larger chest, but they do not defy gravity, so finding a supportive bra that also pushes the girls up has always been difficult.

Since that post last year, I have had so much fun finding new bust friendly bras to share with you ladies! A popular question we have gotten almost daily is, “Do you have any sports bras for larger chests?” The quick answer, Yes!

But if I am being honest a good sports bra is even harder to find for busty girls than a regular bra. I have spent many years, wearing uncomfortable, unsupportive sports bras. But not anymore! I have come up with a list of my favorite performing options at all price points, and all intensity levels!

Amazon High Impact Sports Bra : This is a new one to me, and it is going to quickly become my go to. I am so impressed with the quality and support. It is rare you find an affordable sports bra that comes in a regular bra size options, and doesn’t have an uncomfortable underwire. I went with my TTS and the fit is great, I even did a bunch of jumping jacks and the girls barely budged.

Amazon Essential Medium Impact : another new to me bra, and the most affordable at only $16. I just can’t tell you how well they hold up since I haven’t had it very long. I will say for $16 the support and coverage is amazing. I went with my true size small and it covered my entire chest.

Crz Yoga Strappy Back Sports Bra : this is my most worn Amazon sports bra. I’ve had it for two years and they hold up great. It’s a good low/medium support sports bra. If you’re looking for full coverage this isn’t for you, there is definitely cleavage. I love the strappy back and long line!

Bra Tank: if you’re a busty girl looking for a great lounge tank that’s also going to support the tatas this is a great option. It is an Amazon best seller & for good reason. I wear my normal small and it offers great support. You won’t see my doing any physical activity in one, but I love to wear it under a cardigan while I’m home relaxing.

Lululemon Ebb to Train Bra : the best sports bra ever made! Hahaha I joke, but it is a top 2 option for me. It is an investment, but they last forever and the support and coverage are out of this world! I wear my normal size 6, and I love that the pads are removable. The high neck means the girls won’t spill out the top, and the long line makes it great to wear with high waisted leggings! A great medium/high intensity option!

Lululemon Strong at Heart Bra: another great lulu option and it’s on sale for almost half price!! I would definitely snag one while they are still in stock. Again I get my true size 6, I love the fun strappy back. This is more medium support, so I won’t be doing any HIIT in this bra. I also feel like it’s a little on the “sexy” side. There is a little side boob but nothing that is uncomfortable or makes you feel insecure or falling out.

Wacoal High Impact Sports Bra: the most size inclusive sports bra option. This comes in sizes B-H and offers amazing support and coverage. The girls will not go anywhere when you’re wearing this. It has a really sturdy underwire and runs TTS. This bra is an investment, but one you will have for many years that will support you and the girls!

Free People Happiness Runs Crop: for my smaller busy girls or my busty girls who do yoga or want something comfy to lounge in. I love these Free People crops, the offer minimal support but have great coverage. They come in like 30+ colors. I get the xs/s for extra compression.

Aerie Offline Seamless Sports Bra: last but not least, this aerie sports bra is a cheaper option for my favorite lulu sports bra. It has no padding but the compression , support, and coverage is perfect for all bust sizes. I squeeze into a small, which really keeps the girls in place. They also just came out with a new version of this bra that has a cute quarter zip!

Baby #2 Products

Jumping right into it because there is a lot to cover!

But first, I want to share two of my biggest TIPS with you mommas.

1. DO NOT WASH EVERYTHING. I can not stress this enough. As a first time mom, we think our baby is going to need everything and the reality is they do not. I am so happy I did not open everything and wash it with my daughter because I ended up returning a ton of stuff for diapers. The same goes for all the nursing stuff + bottles.

2. SAVE THE BOXES. OMGOSH – Save the damn boxes. When it comes time to take down the bigger odd shaped items you will want somewhere to store them until your next baby. I was quick to toss the boxes and immediately regretted it when my daughter grew out of her swing and I had to leave it together in my basement with a garbage bag over it. SO annoying. Also you never know what may happen in your storage area, a leak, a flood, for us, our furnace exploded and destroyed almost everything in our basement, which included a lot of the baby products that weren’t properly stored. Lesson learned.

Alrighty, lets go over some baby products. Everything will be linked under the descriptions.

Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger – I am super excited for this. A similar product to the Snuggle Me is the Doc A Tot – a few of my friends used it with their newborns/ infants and they just felt like it was a waste of money. Their baby grew out of it before they knew it. The Snuggle Me is designed for babies up to 9 months. There are multiple color covers that are available. It is currently on SALE at Buy Buy Baby. It’s normally $99 on sale for $79 + a 20% coupon. I have never see the Snuggle Me at this price anywhere before.

Baby Brezza One Step Bottle Sterilizer – Top 3 Baby Must Haves! OMG once my daughter started taking a bottle, this product was SO helpful in the daily hustle of being a mom. A few things. Replacement parts are available on the Baby Brezza website for all their products. I needed a new Dome for the sterilizer because mine got squished in the move. The customer service rep I spoke with was lovely. Also, it takes distilled water, which can be purchased anywhere.

Nursing HaaKaa – I had the Haakaa with my daughter but did not use it. I was pretty good at switching sides while nursing. I am excited to try it out with baby #2. My friends have saved a ton of milk just by using the Haakaa. Plus the reviews are fantastic and its affordable.

OXO Wipe Dispenser – This is a new product for me. I was at my girlfriends house and spotted this in her daughters room. When I saw how it worked I immediately ordered one for the nursery and one for the changing station downstairs. The thing that makes this wipe dispenser better than others I have used or seen is that it is weighted on the inside, this way only one wipe is coming out at a time. Tip: Check out your friends products when shopping for baby or registering.

My Breast Friend – This is another new product for me. It comes in 3 different sizes. I checked them all out in store. To be honest, I did not see much of a difference in size. I went with the Deluxe just because I had a gift card. With my daughter I used the boppy which I loved and plan on using with baby #2 as well.


Joovy Caboose Graphite Stroller, Stand on Tandem, Sit and Stand – For starters I LOVE the Joovy brand. This will be my third Joovy stroller. They function nicely and are pretty lightweight which is important. I chose this one for 2 reasons. First, my toddler has the option to sit or stand. Second, the front shade folds all the way back and I can place my infant carrier in it if need be. There is also a seat available to install in the back so both kids can sit and face forward in the future. It just seems functional for the age difference between my daughter and baby to be.

Medela Manual Breast Pump – This product is so convenient. Sometimes you may not want or need to lug you pump with you. This is a great alternative and has come in handy multiple times.

MyBaby by Homedics SoundSpa – On-the-Go Sound Machine – LOVE this sound machine for the car, walks, even in the house for short naps. The comparable one is she shusher, which is double the price. I have had this product since 2017 and it’s still up and running. Plus it has thousands of 5 start reviews.

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Travel Bottle & Food Warmer – OMG why didn’t I know about this on the go bottle warmer with baby #1. The chaos I would go through to warm a bottle while out and about. Turns out Paula had this with Gary and she LOVED the product. I seriously am looking forward to the convivence of this product while on the go with both my kids in the months to come.

OXO On the Go Wipe Dispenser – Picked this up after seeing it attached to my friends stroller. The same chick who had the OXO wipe dispenser in the nursery. One wipe at a time easily slid out of this wipe dispenser. I remember using the wipe dispenser I have and getting ticked off that multiple would come out at once or get stuck. Looking forward to this product making things a little easier when on the go.

Boon TRIP Travel Drying Rack & Bottle Brushes in White – When I saw this on Buy Buy Baby’s website I thought to myself how convenient (sorry, everything is about convenience haha). I had flash backs of how this would have come in handy multiple times in the past. We go away a few weekends a year and its annoying to pack all the things needed to wash the bottles. This is perfect.

Diaper Bags: Before going into some detail, I want to mention I did not need another diaper bag. LOL I already had two from my daughter. I just get a little OCD with what style/ type of diaper bag i want to use for certain events. The two I am about to share are new. I ordered them based on the 1ks of five start reviews plus my one girlfriend, you know the one with the wipe dispensers, has one of these diaper bags and after looking through it and over it, for $30 I had to have one!!

Freshly Picked Aspen Classic Diaper Bag – For starters this diaper bag is on the pricier side. Depending on color, the price does vary. I treated myself to this diaper bag because I wanted something that was a bit more stylish but functional. What sold me on this was that there is a hot/cold area for a bottle or food. Check out the link to see the funstionality.

Amazon All in One Diaper Bag – Ok so this is a bit gimicky. I may or may not use all the functions but for $30 I had to have it! LOL It’s a great affordable option to have as a backup for grandparents or dads. I don’t foresee my husband carrying or more importantly caring for my Freshly Picked diaper bag like I would. Check out the link to see all the awesome functions with the bag. One includes a crib on the go! Interesting 🙂

Silicone Travel Bottles – These are awesome and come in handy. With my daughter, I always had one of these in her diaper bag filled with baby wash + a few wash clothes. I can not tell you how convenient this has been. I always had her baby wash on me. If we got stuck somewhere a little bit later than expected, I was able to give her a washdown if needed and changed her into her pjs. If we were out and about and she had a blowout and needed something more than a wipe, I was grateful to have the baby wash on hand. They are also great for travel.


Ok so! Most of these products are new to me. After reading reviews I am looking forward to trying them out and reporting back.

Monitor – This is not a new product for me. This is the monitor I used with my daughter. I did not want a wifi monitor. I know some people who love their wifi monitors and can check in on their baby anytime anywhere. The reason I chose a non-wifi monitor is for safety. If your curious what I mean by safety, you can look up some articles wifi vs non wifi monitors and make your own decision. I LOVE this monitor. The picture and sound has always been nice and clear. The range on it is surprising. I’m able to hang outside with the monitor and still have clear picture and sound.

FriddaBaby Humidifier 3 in 1- A humidifier is always important to have when you have children. Hell, I use a humidifier in my bedroom all year round. I like to use them in the winter months because the are can get very dry with the heat running. More importantly, when they are sick, running a humidifier helps your baby breathe and sleep better. This humidifier is a new one for me. I had a vicks humidifier which was great but it ran its course and I wanted to try something new. This one is esthetically pleasing and has some great reviews. It also is more than a humidifier. It can be used as a nightlight and includes a diffuser as well.

FridaBaby Air Purifier – This is going to be another new product for me. I do not know much about air purifiers. But what I do know is that i like the windows open on cooler days + my house is full of dog hair and dog dander. This product had great reviews and is also another 3 in 1 – air purifier + nightlight + sound machine. The purifier will need filter replacements.

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine Night Light & Time-to-Rise – Ok, this is a bit boujee for me. I was looking for the same nightlight / sound machine I use for my daughter’s room but could not find it. The 1ks upon 1ks of five star reviews sold me on this one. It seems interesting. It is customizable and programmable to your baby’s sleep schedule. It is also a grow with me sound machine, so from infant to toddler. Looking forward to trying this out!


I know this was long! if you made it through, I hope some of it was helpful in making some decisions. Best of luck momma!

Baby #2 Hospital Bag/s

I am cracking up thinking about the nurse’s face when my husband and I arrived at the hospital with 4 bags + a cooler bag. Totally 5 bags. Oh and the boppy pillow. I completely overpacked. We didn’t need 95% of the items I brought. I was just so concerned I would need all these things and I just didn’t. The hospital has it all. I didn’t even use any of the 7 pairs of underwear I packed.

Of all the bags packed, our cooler bag was #1. It came in clutch. It was filled with waters, Gatorades, and a ton of dry snacks. After giving birth I was so thirsty around the clock. Having those drinks in the room with us was awesome. We actually went through them all and towards the end of our stay, I kept having to ring the nurse or send my husband to fill up that small watch pitcher the hospital provides that just sits and sweats all over everything. So this time I’m comin’ in hot. Below you will see all the things I am backing in my cooler bag. This bag is worth it!

My goal for us is condensing our items into one, yes that is right ONE bag. For starters, with C19- stays at the hospital are not as long as they have been. Plus depending on the time of day I give birth, I will send my husband home for a good night sleep and to see our daughter. So what he needs is minimal. I am keeping it simple as well. After giving birth with my daughter, I could not imagine putting pants on. I was happy to be in a gown, and when I say gown I mean a shmatta, while in the hospital. It just made everything easier.

*Everything is linked below*

Below is a list of all the items I am bringing to the hospital for baby #2.

Cooler Bag :

Electrolyte Water

Gatorade Zeros

Liquid IV – Code: Mommasinpajamas or you can pick up from Costco.

Large Tumblers- Thinking back, I wish we had these the first go around. I will also be including some disposable straws to swap out daily.

*Listerine Strips* – I grabbed a 3 pack. One to keep on my husband, in the cooler bag, and in my bag. The main reason for the Listerine strips is once the action starts, you can not eat or drink anything. The nurse will give you some ice chips and that’s about it. My sister just so happened to have these when I delivered my daughter and they really helped in keeping my mouth from feeling super dry while in labor. There is no way I was going into birthing baby #2 without them.

Snacks: Oatmeal- the hospital will have hot water, Cliff Bars, Jerky for Hubby, those are the basics and I will toss in some extras.

Our Bag:

Momma: I am not someone who NEEDS a specific anything when traveling. I love all my home products but my world will not come crashing down if I didn’t have a specific brand. The hospital has everything, shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush + toothpaste, etc. I will not be packing all this stuff. I will toss 2 $1 store toothbrushes in my bag just incase, and if we use them, I will toss them. I won’t be packing our $200 toothbrushes for 1-2 nights. We will survive! LOL This is just me! HAHA

What I will be packing: 2 Nursing Bras, Nursing Nightgown, Robe, Native Deorderant, Hakkta, Kopari Coconut Melt, Laneige Lip Mask- my lips were super dry after having Evie, Long charging Cords, Name Board, take home outfit, *boppy pillow,* Minimal makeup products, shower flip flops, Adidas slides for walking around

Hubby: 1 pair of adidas shorts, 1 pair of adidas pants, underwear, 3 t-shirts, socks + his toilette trees.

Everything shared above is linked: HERE

I hope this is helpful to some. 🙂 Good luck with your delivery.

Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts From Dick’s Sporting Goods

Are you like me and always do your holiday shopping last minute? Father’s Day is less than three days away and I am just starting my shopping. Lucky for me Dick’s Sporting Goods has everything I need available in-store or for curbside pick up. They have something for every type of dad, whether you are shopping for the golfing dad, the camping dad, the sports dad, or if you are on a budget (they have great gifts under $50).

I have rounded up a few of my favorite gift ideas you can score last minute!

Golfing Dad: I think when men retire there’s some written law that says they must spend all their free time golfing. If this is your Dad, I have just the thing to get him! I love this new golfing bag. A gift card would be a great option too if your Dad needs some new clubs!

Camping Dad: is your husband or father the outdoorsy type? How fun would it be to get him this tent (on sale) and you can send the kids and the hubby outside for a night under the stars (while you stay in alone and have a nice relaxing evening in peace, sounds like a great gift for everyone!). Or maybe Dad needs a new pair of hiking boots. And a Yeti cooler is a necessity if the Camping Dad in your life, we love this backpack style.

Sports Dad: Dick’s is your one-stop-shop for all team apparel, they have all the Dad’s favorite teams! We are a Yankee household so I got my husband a new Yankee sweatshirt and I got my son a matching t-shirt so they can wear them to a game this year!

On a Budget: There are so many great options for Dad under $50. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker would be perfect for the music loving Dad in your life. Also, what Dad wouldn’t love a new Yeti beer holder!

Thank you Dick’s Sporting Goods for sponsoring this post, all picks and opinions are our own.

Planning for a Spring Outdoor Update

We have been in our home 6 years now, and every spring we have grand plans to update the landscaping, and every spring we fail to plan, and the project gets pushed to the next year. Not this year! January is over, so we have decided to get a head start with planning and budgeting for this project.

We thought we would do the front last year for sure when we updated our back enclosed porch with some new furniture and added a new stone patio to the back yard.  We love to host in the summer so we thought it was the right project to pick.  The back ended up costing more than anticipated (we like to do one or two home projects a year) so another year passed, and the front did not get done. Well hello 2021, we are now ready to move to the front of the house!

24 - Landscaping

We have three major items on our list for the front yard. First, we need to remove and clean up some trees to allow for some more sunlight to hit our yard. Second, we want to give the house a facelift and add some stone to the foundation. And third, we want to update some of the current landscaping.

Since the community we live in is a heavily wooded area so we already know we need to remove some trees from the lawn. We wanted to make sure we researched a company that was budget friendly, but also did great work, which is why we are going with Daniel’s Lawn and Tree for our tree care in the New Castle area. What I really liked about their company is not only do they offer a service to cut them down, but they also offer stomp grinding. Having a little one running around, it was important to me that we would not have stomps just sticking out of the ground.

Now that we have our tree removal covered, I can focus on all the Pinterest idea boards for the rest of the landscaping.  We plan to do as much of it DIY as we can to save money, since most of our budget will be going to the removal of trees. My husband already has his mancave oasis in the back, where he keeps all his grills and smokers, so I am excited that the front will be my creation.

20 - Landscaping

First order of business remove all the old dead and overgrown bushes that hide our front window. We also thought river rocks were a good landscaping idea when we moved in, and all it does is collect leaves and branches, so we will be taking those out, and replacing it with mulch and some small green bushes and some low maintenance perennial flowers, echinacea and daylilies are my favorite. The best part, if we decided we do not want to take on the landscaping ourselves we can hire Daniel’s Lawn and Tree for that too.

 We want to add some faux stone to the foundation of the house, to give it a face lift. Like the tree removal, this will also be a costly expense of the project, so we are planning in advance to be able to properly budget and save for this project. One way we have figured out how to save on this part of the project is to only stone the front of the house for now.  If we decide to sell, we can go back and finish the rest of the house to help add value.

All these outdoor updates will add a ton of curb appeal to our home, and hopefully help if we decide to sell our house in the future!

My best piece of advice when it comes to home projects, set budgets, but know that things will come up, and plans will change.  When we pick a project we like to price things out ahead of time and then start to save, that way when it is time for the project to begin we already know where we are getting the money to pay for everything.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Winter Fashion

Who would have thought that Dick’s would be your one stop shop for the entire family to stay warm this winter? Forget everything you know about Dick’s, they are no longer just the store your husband goes to for fishing gear. Or the place you stop on your son’s first day of soccer practice because he can only find one of his shin guards. Dick’s will keep your whole family warm and stylish this winter.

They offer all the popular brands like Ugg, Patagonia, Carhartt, and Dr. Martens.

Styled by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Want to stay warm, when the temperature drops? Bundle up in this stylish Patagonia Jacket. I love when the entire family coordinates so grab your little one a cute Carhartt Hoodie and buy them both a matching Carhartt Beanie, they will be ready to take on any adventure.

Now that your top half is warm lets make sure we keep those feet toasty too! Dick’s has a shoe for everyone. They sell Nike, Ugg, Timberland, Sorel, Vans, and Dr. Martens just to name a few. The Dr. Martens 1460 are a super trendy boot option this year, and they now come with a faux fur lining to keep your feet extra warm. I also had to grab my son a pair of Uggs, the Neumel II come with a camo design that are very stylish!

Whatever your cold weather needs are, Dick’s is your one-stop-shop from head-to-toe-to-camper. Everything you need for any winter activity they have. No need to shop at multiple stores, and no need to even go into the store. Dick’s now allows you to order online and pick up (from the comfort of your car) within an hour. Now that is service!

Amazon Toddler Picks

Below are a few really great affordable finds from Amazon for toddlers. Some would make great stocking stuffers, others are some great “extras,” or gifts for your nieces and nephews. Almost everything is under $10 with thousands of 5 star reviews.


Scissor Skills Workbook

Go Fish Alphabet

Color + Shapes Cards

Wooden Clock

Melissa & Doug Scissor Skills Book

Wooden Lacing Apple


8 Piece Wind-up Christmas Toys

Nativity Place Set

For Fun- We have all three of these and our kids love them!

Melissa & Doug No Mess Coloring Book

Writing Tablet

USB Mini Disco Lights the kids LOVE these!

Bestie Gift Guide (everything under $30)

We wanted to make this shopping post as easy as possible, all pictures are clickable links and will take you right to the item!!

(Links are affiliate links that we earn a small commission from) thank you!!

I love all Kendra Scott jewelry, and her bracelets would make any bestie happy!
Barefoot Dreams on your feet!? Need I say more…
These lip duos have been a best seller for us this year! They keep your lips super hydrated and it’s a two pack so give your bestie both, or keep one for yourself. The price is basically BOGO
The ultimate luxury candle, the volcano scent is super trending right now, but honestly all their candles smell amazing. And the jars they come in are beautiful. Plus they’re currently 30% off!
I just think these are so fun, and I love how they make my thin pony tail look!
I got the full size version of this one year for Christmas and I am always telling people about how amazing of a gift it is! If you have a price limit this is only $25 and your girl gets to pick out her own travel size perfume after sampling them!
I am obsessed with sol de Janiero. The fragrance screams summer in a tropical island. And the lotion is very luxurious and hydrating.
Our go-to sunless tanner line! And this will give you a nice gradual glow in the cold months. Plus it’ll keep your skin hydrated.
The best sunglasses, they seriously look good on everyone, plus they’re under $15!
I’m kind of over plastic tumblers. This glass tumbler feels fancy, and I love the rubber koozie it comes in!
Every girl needs a white yeti cup, I think it’s like a rule somewhere…. lol
Is your bestie into skincare and self are? Grab her one of these pretty guasha tools
This is one of those things I really want but will probably never buy for myself. I would love to be gifted a facial steamer!!
Is your bestie out-of-state? This wine glass would make such a nice gift!
One of my friends got this in a secret Santa and I was like I need! The colors are all so perfect and it’s only $15 for all 4!
I’ve been wanting a silk mask, but some of the name brand ones are very expensive. Etsy has some great options for super affordable prices, your bestie will think you totally splurged on this!
I almost didn’t put this on the list, but if you give this to your bestie and she’s offended, let’s be honest she’s not your BF. This is such a great gift for your bestie who loves to workout, especially with gyms closing again!
An LV dupe clutch for $30. Your bestie will love you forever!